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Music Hosts

Sondra Arrington -- Thursday Night Jazz Series: Café Latte -- every 3rd Thursday, 8-10pm ~~ sandy@JazzOn2.org


Wenonah Brooks --Thursday Night Jazz Serie:  Notes from Nona
  -- every 5th Thursday, 8-10pm ~~ nona@JazzOn2.org


Robert Bullington, The Jazz Potpourri Series:  Jazz Discoveries

 -- every 5th Sunday, 8-10pm ~~ robert@JazzOn2.org


Joe Cataldo, Jazz Jersey Style -- Tuesday, 6pm ~~ joe@JazzOn2.org


Carl Hemmingsen, The Saturday Morning Mix -- 7-10am ~~ carl@wwfm.org


Michael Kownacky, Strike Up The Band -- Wednesday, 7-8pm ~~ michael@JazzOn2.org


Gloria Krolak, The Jazz Potpourri Series:  Good Vibes

 -- every 1st Sunday, 8-10pm ~~ gloria@JazzOn2.org


Roxie Muhsin, JazzOn the Rox, Thursday, 7-8pm ~~ roxie@JazzOn2.org


Alex Otey, Thursday Night Jazz Series:  Trenton Jazz -- every 2nd Thursday, 8-10pm~~ alex@JazzOn2.org


Ted Otten, Strike Up The Band -- Wednesday, 7-8pm ~~ ted@JazzOn2.org


Tony Rogers, Jazz Café -- Tuesday, 7-8pm~~ tony@JazzOn2.org


Doris Spears, The Jazz Potpourri Series:  Jazz à trois

 -- every 2nd Sunday, 8-10pm ~~ doris@JazzOn2.org


Michael Stone, Jazz Worldwide -- Monday, 8-10pm~~ michaels@JazzOn2.org


Tom Tallitsch, Thursday Night Jazz Series:  The Modern Jazz Radio Show -- every 1st Thursday, 8-10pm ~~ tom@JazzOn2.org


Ron Ungarini, Cadillac Blues -- Saturday, 6-7pm~~ ron@JazzOn2.org


Public Information Hosts

DetailsTuesday 11am Feature hosts include ~~

    Gail Dixon ~~ gail@JazzOn2.org

    Melissa Drift ~~ melissa@JazzOn2.org

    Win Howard ~~ winifred@wwfm.org

    Rachel Katz (with A Tempo) ~~ rachel@wwfm.org


Living Well with Jennifer Vose, Wednesdays at 11:59am and Saturdays at 8am
~~ jennifer@wwfm.org

Trenton365 with Jacque Howard, Thursdays at 6:00pm ~~ trenton365show@gmail.com

PubJazz Programs

Scott Hanley, Sundays

Chuch Leavens, weekday mornings

Tony Mowod, weeknights

Biil Hillgrove, Saturdays

Syndicated Programs

Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz -- Sunday, 11am

Latino USA with Maria Hinojosa -- Sunday, 3pm

Making Contact (National Radio Project) -- Monday, 11am

Fifty-One Percent with Allison Dunne --Monday, 11:30pm

Jazz Set with DeeDee Bridgewater -- Monday, 7pm

MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer -- Thursday, 3pm

12th Street Jump with Pete Weber & Pearl McDonald -- Friday, 7pm

Beale Street Caravan with Pat Mitchell Worley -- Saturday, 7pm

Cafe Jazz with Gene Knight -- Saturday, 9pm